The Wild Soul School Community
The Wild Soul School Community
Lara Veleda Vesta

Welcome to The Wild Soul School Community

Connective web weaving with nonlinear education, spirit inspiration and ancestral animist practice.

About Us

Since 2014 the Wild Soul School has offered empowering, inquiry-based education for life transformation: ritual practice, creative healing, ancestral connection and walking the myth path.  This community is for all explorers interested in ancestral animism, including students and patrons of the Wild Soul School and Sanctuary. Within these circles we discover opportunities to connect in nonlinear ways outside an algorithm, build living connections and weave wyrd together.

Why You Should Join Us

This community is anchor and inspiration. Building on the courses and practices of the Wild Soul School we share our experiences, weave webs of support, share resources and create deep relationships. Members receive nonlinear ritual instruction, shared gnosis experiences, and a sense of belonging on this myth path we share.

A Big Thanks

This work is community supported! The Wild Soul School Community is made possible by the generous donations--both fiscal and energetic--of Patrons and individuals who help keep these offerings accessible. Together we create new stories to live by. <3<3<3